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"The more we know our own story, the more we can learn from it and, the more we can relate to other people. They may not share my story but they share my humanity."

  -  Ruth Van Reken


Being a third culture kid is an advantage in my opinion. This is because I get to learn about many different cultures. I get to experience things that other kids, who are not third cultured, do not get to experience. I also get to travel around the world and meet new people. A downside of being a third culture kid is that I have to leave my friends behind constantly. I have never been discriminated, and even if people say things to me it doesn’t bother me. This project and meeting the migrants really made me realize how cruel people can be. They judge others based on their skin color and ethnic background.


-  Laiba Tahir


Hi! My name is Erin Mehmeti and I am 13 years old. I am from Kosovo but I live in Italy. I came to Italy because of my dad’s job and I joined this school eight years ago. I love to play football and my favorite color is red.


I think that being a third culture kid has its advantages and its disadvantages at the same time. One of the advantages of being a third culture kid is that you get to experience new cultures, a new way of life, and new friends. One of the disadvantages is that you constantly have to say goodbye to your friends and the culture you leave behind. Another disadvantage is that people sometimes do not accept you and make fun of you for your ethnic background. This is called discrimination and it occurs to the third culture kids since they are different, have a different culture, and different ethnic background.


-Erin Mehmeti


Hi! My name is Luka. I am a third culture kid. I am a third culture kid because my parents were born in one country, but I live in a totally different one. Being a third culture kid is not always easy. A disadvantage of being a third culture kid is that you always have to move, say goodbye to your old friends and meet new ones. For example, in my old school, the classmates would always say that I did not belong there, or say that I could not play because I did not know their language, or I was from a different country. This problem made me very depressed and stressed. Luckily, one of my best friends helped me out. He helped me learn the language and interact with some other classmates. Then, I moved to a new school. That was an amazing experience for me. I met new friends who helped me learn English. I really like being a third culture kid, because you can learn about new cultures, new styles, new kinds of food.

Thank you for reading about my experience and have a nice day!

- Luka Grgic


Hi! I’m Ergi Caslli, and I have a discrimination story for you. I was in Sudan, at a local market with my classmates and I was going around, money in my pocket and metal bottle in my hand. I stood out the most amongst my classmates and the whole market. My classmates then wandered away and I was left alone. All of a sudden, a Sudanese individual approached me and tried to rob me with a stick. I stopped him with my bottle without hurting him. I caught up to my group later and told them nothing.

That is my story about how I almost got robbed in Sudan. If you have any stories like this one, please do not hesitate to contact us. Every story matters, whether it is short or long.


- Ergi Caslli



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