We are the school of QSI Brindisi and this year we have decided to enroll in the global goals project called Global Social Leaders. (GSL) Out of the 17 goals that were offered to us, we chose inequality, specifically discrimination. Discrimination, a word we are all probably familiar with. A word that has us cower in fear of what might happen to us because of our race, color, or ethnic background. Imagine a world where we would all be treated equally. Where people would not be judged by their race or skin color, but the size of their heart. Imagine a world where we would all get equal opportunities to flourish. According to the Pew Research Center, 61% of Americans believe that their country should continue to promote equality between all people. If the people stand up together they can reduce discrimination in their area. That is why we have decided to make a stand against discrimination. And with your help and support, we can fight this together and reduce discrimination for good. The focus of our project would be discrimination against third culture kids. Third culture kids are kids who have three cultures, one from the place where they belong to, another from where they live, and the last one is their own personal beliefs. As experiencing what most third culture kids experience, this project is very close to our hearts. In the following days, we will post videos sharing our experiences and we would appreciate if you would share your experiences with us. No matter how long or short, every story matters. 

What we are doing this for?

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TCK Discrimination

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